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Heated Platforms

Heated platforms are used to hold Costar transwell plates and to maintain cells at 37°C. It also has holes in which the post of the electrode manifold fits. This guarantees proper alignment of the electrodes. For use with a robot, a metric breadboard is needed.

Temperature Controller

The temperature controller is based on an OMRON unit that is used in ON-OFF configuration. Single and double versions are available.

Electrodes Arrays

Electrode manifolds are used to record voltage and to send current. Ag/AgCl pellets are used for voltage sensing electrodes. Ag foil or Ag/AgCl pellets are used for sending current. The manifold has 4 posts to align electrodes with the Costar plates.

Washing Station

Washing of the electrodes is achieved with stirring the solution and/or let a continuous inflow. In case of a continuous inflow, a suction line should be connected to the outflow port.

Power Supply 24VDC

DC power is used for heating the cells and the wash station with temperature control. Total power that can be delivered at 24VDC is 200 Watt. Four output connectors are available.

Electronic Reading of TEER and PD

Current clamp amplifier is used to record TEER and PD with sine wave analysis. The equipment is available for 24, as well as 96 channels and is manufactured by EP Design. The amplifiers are connected to the PC through USB.

MTECC Programmer

MTECC Manual Recording

MTECC Using with Robot